All you need to have with you for a trip with no surprises

I told you about the importance of taking a break from everyday life with a regenerating weekend and I revealed my ranking of the best places for a weekend on the saddle (you can read it here) today we talk about something more technical.

We start from a premise, as I have already explained in some articles the secret to a good journey is the preparation.

By preparation, of course, I mean not only the organization but also the preparation of the bike and bags.

Today we will see the tools you need to have.

During a trip, even a small inconvenience that in Italy would not create any problem can become a real nightmare.

That’s why it’s right to start from these little things.

So the first thing you have to look at before leaving is the “stupid” instrumentation of the bike, like bulbs.

During one of my first trips, I found myself spending two days without being able to drive during the darkest hours because I had burned the bulb and had not brought with me a spare.

In Italy this would never have happened, I would have gone to the first electrician, mechanic, or motorcycle shop and I would have changed it … in Tunisia, this is not so easy.

For me it was not a big problem because I was with the others, the trip was organized in detail, and so it was not a problem.

But just think if I was alone…

If I hadn’t studied the journey in detail…

And if I had noticed that I had burned the light bulb in the middle of the desert when the lights started to go down…

Surely that would have been a rather problematic situation.

Since then, I’ve been keeping the spare parts for the bulbs with me so that I’m always ready.

Another important thing is the timing in the preparation.

If, for example, you know that you will be travelling long enough and that you are close enough to the coupon, you must have your bike ready at least one month before departure.


Simple to test.

You have to test every single variable.

Even what seems stupid can make a difference, if you go on a trip with uncomfortable shoes you can be anywhere but you will have a bad holiday.

That’s why the first thing to look at after checking that the bike is perfect is the irons of the manufacturer.

Often those who produce the bikes put tools of the highest quality or insert only the bare essentials.

Relying only on what is already there, perhaps without even controlling, can be one of the worst choices of your life.

The kit must always be opened and checked before starting.

I have never found a truly complete one.

I always add:

  • American tape or Scotch for coachbuilders, which thanks to their resistance are ideal to temporarily fix problems of both mechanical parts and those in plastic or sheet metal, thanks to this simple adhesive your trip can continue without problems until you can fix the problem more permanently.
  • Iron wire, simple and effective, tie parts of the bike, fix, with small holes, the damaged part can be your only salvation to prevent you from taking apart everything and you end up having to stop your trip on the most beautiful.
  • Brake and accelerator lever, I know I know, I look paranoid but I assure you that it is not so. If by misfortune your bike falls, with or without you in the saddle, you risk ruining the levers that allow you to move forward. Today, the latest generation of motorcycles have levers that can be used even if damaged, but this is not always the case, so having the emergency levers in the bags can be the discriminating factor between stopping or continuing in your path.
  • There are countries where the petrol stations outside the towns are very far from each other, and having to go back on the route or have to hope that the next one is close can be a very important problem, not to mention the fact that if by misfortune you get stuck dry who knows where.
  • Screws and bolts, how many times does it happen that by a bump, a fall, or other you risk losing a screw or a bolt? It seems a triviality but maybe a seemingly harmless bolt becomes a serious problem with the passing of the kilometres, so before leaving I always collect a few screws and bolts of various sizes from home, I prepare a bag with a few screws and bolts so that whatever happens I can have the right screw for the right bolt.
  • A small power supply, a mini booster to start the battery even when stationary. In my travels, it happened to me and it happened to so many travellers that in the morning the bike does not start. This can be for a battery not exactly new, important thermal spaces, or simply for a few kilometres too much compared to those used to make your bike. This is why small boosters about twenty centimetres in size can save you a journey of thousands of kilometres.
  • Tyre repair kit, whether you have tubeless or standard tyres. Personally in the second case I hate the “Fast” because it is dirty, it is uncomfortable to use and does not guarantee maximum grip, but in extreme cases extreme remedies, if you find yourself alone in some desolate land is better to be prepared for everything so welcome any form of tire repair kit to get to the first available tire, even if very far away.
  • The blanket of Linus. This is a real gem. How many times have you lost a microscopic neighbour, a small key or something related to the repair of your bike? So that’s why always going around with a cover can save even the smallest piece of your bike. If you have to make repairs, place the blanket under the bike, so you’ll be sure to work cleanly and at the same time avoid losing anything, because it’s all there on your Linus cover.

These are of course just some of the equipment to take with you on your next trip.

If I think about how many times one of these things has saved my trip or the trip of some of my companions I lose count.

It doesn’t look like it, but it’s just small things that can make a difference.

I hope you liked this article and above all, it has been useful for you to prepare yourself for your next trip.

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