The wonderful ’60s, the cinema, the good life. And then almost endless stretches of fragrant lavender, small villages where time seems to stand still and excellent food. This (and much more) awaits you immediately after the border of Liguria: discover our motorbike itinerary of the Côte d’Azur and Provence and live it to the full in the saddle of your trusted travel companion. On this occasion, we will not give you any indication of the timing as we did for Easter motorcycle. Rather, we will only recommend a route to follow and places that are worth visiting. So you can travel in total freedom and get lost in the heart of these two regions rich in charm and history.

History and charm on the Mediterranean

Côte d’Azur and Provence are part of the much wider region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, which is probably one of the richest areas in the history of the entire French state. Already colonised by the Greeks and then by the Romans, in the Middle Ages it became the nerve centre of the development of an extremely refined civilisation, which would influence all European culture until the 13th century. Today, in addition to this enormous cultural and artistic heritage, it is a famous tourist region: since the end of the 1700s we have evidence of the establishment of tourist resorts in the area, but it is since the 60s of the ‘900 that it has become famous among the general public.

The beautiful life on the French Riviera

You’ve heard of the Croisette, the famous street in Cannes where the most famous people of the last fifty years have been admired. Then there is the Film Festival and the image linked to the Principality of Monaco: undoubtedly we are talking about one of the most famous (and beautiful) areas of the whole Mediterranean. The quality of life and the welcoming spirit of the inhabitants will make you forget what you left at home. So, you too can feel like a star of the great cinema that has come to pull the plug on its chaotic life.

Motorbikes from the French Riviera to Provence

Green slopes and long beaches alternate, offering unique views of their kind. Because of this great geographical variety, what we are about to propose is ideal for a trip during which you can appreciate curves, differences in height and wonderful views of the sea. Discover our Côte d’Azur and Provence motorbike route and start planning your next outing a few days from now!

From Italy to Nice

In Ventimiglia take the SS1 that runs directly on the sea and then becomes the D6007. Proceeding westward along the Côte d’Azur and Provence motorbike route, the first stop we want to recommend is the small (and very rich) Principality of Monaco. The best-known location is Monte Carlo, the most central district of the city-state. Famous for its casino, houses and wonderful shops, but also because its streets are pierced in a circuit of Formula.

Because of its twists and turns, it is one of the most difficult in the world: riding it on a motorcycle will be exciting, although probably with the city traffic every day the atmosphere will be different.

Just outside the city from the D6007 passes the M6098, which always runs along the sea, will give you breathtaking landscapes until you get to Nice, the capital of this region.

From Nice to Cannes

Nice is one of the largest cities in France, rich in history and culture. Founded by the Greeks, in the Middle Ages it was a fundamental junction of the Mediterranean and was finally annexed to France only a year before the unification of Italy. We recommend that you make a stop to discover all the beauties of this border town. Going around by bike among its famous characteristic markets, the centre with its winding streets and the seafront promenade will be an experience that you will hardly be able to experience anywhere else.

When you want, get back on the bike and continue on the M6098. As you leave the city and continue to travel westwards, you will slowly enter the heart of the Côte d’Azur. Here you can visit Antibes, Cannes and Saint Tropez, just to name a few of the most famous places.

The hinterland of Provence

It’s time to leave the glitz of the Côte d’Azur behind and enter Provence itself. At Saint Tropez, you can choose to go inland and get lost in the many charming villages. Or continue along the coast to Marseille and enjoy other famous places like Hyères. Marseille is definitely worth seeing, but the areas where lavender is grown and processed are also a must. If you like landscapes full of incredible colors, go to Rausillon. Here, the ochre quarries will kidnap you: spend some time walking along the ochre path. Get off the bike and it will take you just an hour’s walk to walk through it all and take home unique memories.

Speaking of unmissable experiences: one last stop before returning home is the Camargues. It is a region that lies even further west than Marseille and is a wetland enclosed in the arms of the Rhone River delta. Have you ever seen flamingos? Here you could see them resting quietly or flying up together: this could be the best way to end your itinerary in the way of the Côte d’Azur and Provence!

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