We are at the end of June but in fact in the middle of summer and anyone who enjoys two wheels is now plagued by heat and the eternal inner diatribe between the undressing with the great desire for air (which becomes) cool at 130 Km / h and the need to maintain high safety in motion, because you know, undressing (or simply lighten) in motion can mean taking risks. The temperature rises dramatically in the early hours of the morning and in the sun the air becomes hot, between the legs an engine more or less powerful but that, however, emits heat, and we are the “meat that cooks between the hot plate and the sky … Caliente (or boiling).

To eliminate a jacket is never the same (and we NEVER stress this) as finding the coolness we are looking for thrown into the wind of our 40 or 60 or 100 Km/h. For this reason, it is worth remembering that even the desert populations are never without clothes, but always lightly dressed so that the clothes can help to keep the body temperature in balance with the outside temperature.

Dressing properly, therefore, means protecting yourself as much as possible from the sun and heat and maintaining a high level of safety in motion. This is worth more the more important is the number of cubic centimetres of the engine that we carry around (always for the love of two wheels) even in the heatwave of July and August.

The summer jacket for the bike

A garment among the fundamental also in the summer heat of our cities and the walks out of town. The jacket protects us from the sun and heat, avoiding sunburn and at the same time protecting the upper limbs shoulders and, with a good “back” even our spine. There are many types of summer or mid-season motorcycle jackets and today the technology can produce elements that heat up much less than is conceivable, even some fabrics are heat-insulating and help to maintain the temperature inside the jacket bearable even in the hottest hours of the day. At the same time, the ventilation allows the passage of air and proper breathability as you still tend to sweat, not only for the heat but, as always and as is logical, for the tension and concentration at the wheel. Remember never to remove the padding of motorcycle jackets, even in the hottest season can save your life.

Summer gloves for motorcycles

This garment is also one of the must-have because it protects our hands from cold and heat, as well as, in falls, from those that could be important traumas because the hands are extremely exposed to impact, even minimal, because it is first with hands and upper limbs that we instinctively tend to recover from an accidental fall or accident.

In this case, too, increasingly sophisticated summer motorcycle gloves are produced. Choose with the right balance between cost and quality and make sure that they are also breathable for the summer, never try to solve with a single purchase, the problem of each season. For a careful and careful choice is always essential the perception that each season dresses the motorcyclist in a different but appropriate way.

The motorcycle helmet for the summer

Required by law in every season. This, however, can be unique throughout the year as a quality element will be modulated for winter as well as summer, to protect you from the cold when needed and from the great heat when it comes, just like in this season and these days.

As we have already suggested in other circumstances, do not spare the purchase of the helmet, your head must always be at the top of the protection and, in the case that the helmet represents, must always be perfectly at ease and able to every action required, from twisting to greater visibility but also to comfort in case of temperatures outside the norm as for the great cold and unbearable heat.

Even in the case of helmets the technique and technology have made great strides by granting very valid systems that promote the correct circulation of the helmet in all its parts inside. The materials of which it is composed must also contribute to the comfort of the rider as well as the passenger. The interior must be removable and easily washable to always guarantee the owner the feeling of freshness and cleanliness, protected from odours and bacteria.

Finally, we suggest you give up the two wheels, when not absolutely necessary, in the presence of really excessive temperatures as it is always true that on two wheels you are increasingly exposed to the high temperatures of the hottest days and you may find yourself unable to escape the excessive heat once in the saddle and this can compromise our lucidity, our ability to process and our reflections.

Unless you are unable to leave the bike in the garage, when the summer temperatures are beyond reasonable, and still beyond the threshold of your tolerance, we recommend you to recover the car that, in its casing, even if it can give you the idea of imprisonment, protects you and thanks to the air conditioning, can in a few minutes to create a comfortable environment to move in the city and out of town.

Wait for mild days and hours to enjoy your breath of fresh air and freedom on two wheels.

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