The best way to react to a dramatic event such as an earthquake is to meet, stay together and not forget the territories affected. Almost three years after the earthquake that destroyed the city of Amatrice and the many neighbouring countries, the Bertolla Garage Amatrice organizes TerreInMoto 2019. It will be a two-day celebration with good food, music and wonderful roads to travel by motorbike in the heart of the Monti della Laga and Monti Sibillini. Discover the program with us and how to participate!

An event not to be forgotten

Although TerreInMoto 2019 is a festive occasion, it is important to remember one of the most serious seismic events of recent years. It was the night between 23 and 24 August 2016 and a strong shock hit the Tronto Valley. In detail, the municipalities of Accumoli and Amatrice in the province of Rieti, and Arquata del Tronto in the province of Ascoli Piceno were upset for 15-20 seconds by a quake of magnitude 6.0, with a hypocenter at a depth of 8km, which caused an acceleration of the soil with a maximum peak of 0.86g recorded in the Amatrice alone. The damage to buildings, communication routes and cultural heritage has been substantial. Unfortunately, the number of victims was also decidedly high, being the area in the height of the summer tourist season.

We are talking about territories that in winter are not very populated but where in summer, also thanks to the convenient connection with Rome, many people come to take refuge in the tranquillity that can be enjoyed among these beautiful landscapes.

A point of (re) departure

The devastation and extreme difficulties achieved are impossible to forget. Just as it is impossible to forget all the solidarity and closeness of so many people who have immediately offered their help. It is thanks to all that the inhabitants of the area have been able to find the right spirit to look to the future. TerreInMoto 2019 is one of the events that best express the desire to revive a wounded territory, but that can still give much. It will be a party to return to fully experience the many beauties of an almost untouched area and celebrate it in the best way, without ever forgetting what it was and all those who are no longer there.

The TerreInMoto 2019 program

After last year’s success, TerreInMoto 2019 will be held on June 29th and 30th. The Bertolli Garage Amatrice has been working hard over the last few months to define all the details and study a program that leaves nothing to chance.

The first day

For Saturday, June 29, the appointment is in Amatrice, and more precisely it will start from the space in front of the “Il Corso” Shopping Center, where you can complete the registration. At 3.30 pm, or at least once the registrations have been completed, we start towards Accumoli. Riding your bike you will make the path that connects the two centres, surrounded by greenery, and that will make you fully appreciate the tranquillity typical of these places. The icing on the motorbike tour cake? An aperitif upon arrival at Accumoli to better appreciate the flavours of the place. But this will only be the beginning: once again on the road to Amatrice, an unforgettable dinner awaits you at the famous restaurant “Lo Squiattolo”. Dulcis in fundo, the West River Band concert, with the purest American rock sounds like the Eagles, Creedence Clearwater, Supertramp and many others that will keep you entertained until late. But don’t forget, if you choose to do the two days, a rich Sunday is waiting for you, so keep some energy for the next day!

The second day

The start of the second day is pretty quiet. The appointment is at 9.30 am in Cittadella Pescara del Tronto, where all the new arrivals will be welcomed with a tasty aperitif. At 11.30 it is time to get back on the bike and make the Run Nel Cuore di Amatrice, which will end with the laying of a wreath of flowers at the monument for the Victims of the Earthquake. As said, going forward with hope also and above all for those who no longer exist is what the whole spirit of the organization of TerreInMoto 2019 is founded on. After this moment of recollection, the event moves towards the lunch dedicated to the discovery of the typical flavours of Amatrice, which will be followed by the awards of the participants who will conclude this very pleasant two days

How to participate

To participate in the event it is necessary to choose between two formulas :

  • registration for both days, for 48 € which includes gadgets, aperitif and dinner with life on Saturday and aperitif and lunch on Sunday);
  • registration for a single day, for € 38.

If you want to choose the first option and make the weekend out, the Bertolla Garage Amatrice has prepared a convenient list of accommodation facilities (farmhouses, hotels, camping areas and equipped campers) where you can stay overnight.

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