The choice of rubber for a motorcycle. How to choose and buy tires. Types of tires.

Are there any differences between automobile and motorcycle tires? There is, and one of them is the service life – “our” tires serve us, unfortunately, less. Tires should have a better grip on the road, therefore they are made of special rubber, but due to this, they lose these properties faster. Traffic rules tell us that when the tread on the tire becomes less than 0.8 mm, then it’s time to run to the store and buy rubber. Choose the best motorcycle rain gear.

Well, we’ll come running to the store … we will have run our eyes … and we will ask ourselves the question – what to choose !? Here it is – a problem that needs to be solved … we will try to help you a bit with this!

The first thing we will choose is the size of the tire. It is not difficult to recognize him: we look at the old tire and take a similar one, another option is to look at the instructions for the motorcycle, well, or to find a special sticker on your horse (usually on the frame in the back of it, on the pendulum or under the seat).

We decided on the size. But unfortunately, this is not the only indicator that affects your choice. To begin with, on which motorcycle do you cut roads – sports, road builder, endure or some other? This is an important point when choosing motor tires. Tires that are not correctly matched to the type of motorcycle can ruin all driving experience and affect safety. Each type of motorcycle has its own tread, which affects patency, grip, fuel consumption and noise.

And what does the tire consist of, what is inside it? The inner parts of the tire also have differences that are important when choosing. The tire “begins” with the carcass – the power unit. The carcass gives us strength – both from the inside of the tire and from the outside – the impact of the road surface. The frame consists of one or several layers of cord – these are strong threads (polymers or steel) of the warp, connected across the thread with thinner and more elastic threads. The cord threads can be made of viscose, cotton, kapron fiber, most often steel. You can afford tires with Kevlar cord, but they will fly you a pretty penny.

A-frame with a tread in the tire connects such a thing as a breaker – it absorbs shock and increases resistance to mechanical damage. The cord threads in the breaker are located diagonally. Next is the layer that we see with the eye and which is directly in contact with the road – the tread. This is a particularly durable rubber, on the surface of which this or that pattern is located. The tread carries such functions as tire wear resistance, its grip, noise, vibration. That’s just the tread you can determine the purpose of the tire. As soon as the “tread” of the tread, we see the sidewall of the tire, the part that connects the tread and the carcass. That’s just on this very sidewall put all kinds of tire markings. Well, then comes the part with which the tire is attached to the disk – this is the side (edging, edge). This is the toughest part of the tire, the basis for which is a ring of steel fat-free wire, wrapped on top with a rubber cord.

Further, what else is important? Motorcycles are chamber and tubeless – as well as automobiles. It is clear that in the chamber – there is a chamber filled with air, and in tubeless – a sealed rubber layer that does not allow air to pass through. In the event of a puncture, tubeless tires do not bleed air immediately, they are much lighter, they heatless, they load the suspension less – these tires are used on most motorcycles. Chamber tires are mainly put on spoke wheels.

The differences are in the arrangement of the cord threads: in the radial, they are located in different layers of the carcass parallel to each other, and in diagonal tires, the threads cross at an angle of 45-60 degrees. Today, diagonal tires are considered obsolete because these tires wear out 1.5-2 times faster. But they also have advantages over radial ones – they are quieter, easier to tolerate damage (especially its sidewall) and easier to repair. Such tires are usually used for enduring: a strong sidewall “diagonal” is very important for off-road.

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