You’ll have to think again: besides being an outdated stereotype, you have to know that women in motorsport are more and more. And it’s not just an amateur phenomenon, but a real professional reality. And the Women in Motorsport Conference is proof of that.

This is the first conference dedicated exclusively to all those who love engines. The FIM – International Motorcycling Federation – and the FIA – International Motorcycling Federation – have joined forces for the first time to give space and voice to a phenomenon that has finally reached great numbers. The appointment is in Vierumäki, Finland for the next 17 and 18 August. Are you interested in the idea of participating? Let’s see together what awaits you.

Women and motorcycles: a longer story than you can imagine

The history of women in motorsport, and in our case on two wheels, is longer than you can imagine. As for motorcycles, the first to win an all-female sports competition was Lea Lemoine in 1897, France. A few years later Renee Divenne came fourth at Paris-Nice, finishing first in six male races. Another pioneer was finally our Vittoria Sambri, who in 1922 managed to win a test of the Italian Motorcycling Championship.

We could say that at the time all this was part of a much wider process of emancipation, which was finally freeing women from millennia of submission. But it is certainly thanks to these girls – but also to all those we have not mentioned – that over the years some stereotypes have fallen. On the contrary, they have been crushed by the power of women on two wheels.

Recent successes

Before you get to see a woman participate in the MotoGP, it will take several years. The first to take part was the American Gina Bovaird, first in 125 in a race in 1981, then at the Grand Prix of France in 1982. Her victory, however, was not on the track. Or rather, she didn’t manage to win on the track but by taking part in the race she went down in history. Gina is, in fact, the first (and only, so far) woman in motorsport to have taken part in a race in the most important class of the MotoGP.

And then the Bovaird has certainly opened the way to many champions – including Italian, such as Daniela Tognoli – who have learned to defend themselves very well on the track. But what are the challenges and objectives that women in motorsport are waiting for today? You can find out by taking part in the conference in Finland. Read on and you’ll see that maybe you’ll want to organize an “expedition” to take part in this unique event.

The Women in Motorcycling Conference in detail

The main aim of the Women in Motorcycling Conference is to promote and increase the presence of women in two and four-wheeled sports. The invitation is therefore open to all those – including men – who want to be the spokesperson for this goal. But that’s not all: the conference will also be a platform to focus the attention of participants on the main issues that so far have not made it possible to achieve this goal, so to find solutions through the possibility of comparison offered by

  • keynote
  • panel
  • arguments
  • workshop
  • The programme

Throughout the weekend you can meet the main names of women’s motorsports and benefit from their experience. Get inspired and maybe follow in their footsteps for a sporting career. Or, find out how difficult it still is – but not impossible – to emerge in a reality that remains very masculine.

Do you prefer a more technical approach? The main production companies will propose their innovations, both in terms of the production of lines for the women’s market, which may be useful if you’re wondering how to choose the first bike. To know in detail all the appointments, read the program and start preparing the suitcases: the event is really close!

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